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Tour Overview and Structure

In 2019, the Quad City Amateur Tour season will feature seven events, culminating with the Tour Championship in August. Tour members earn points based on their final position in each event. For amateur golfers in the area of all skill levels who wish to participate in competitive and fun golf tournaments for a reasonable price without traveling far from home, the Quad City Amateur Tour is the premier option. 

Tour members are awarded points based on positioning in the seven scheduled events. The players' overall Tour finish is based upon their top 4 finishes. Player of the Year awards are presented to the top finishers in both the Open and Senior Divisions.


The Quad City Amateur Tour offers a Senior Division for players aged 50 and older. A "senior" player may opt to play in the Open Division rather than the Senior Division by indicating such on the event entry form. Those aged 50 and older can earn points in whichever division they choose to play, but may only compete in one division during a given tournament. 


Not looking to join the tour? Non-tour members are welcome to play in any of our tournaments! However, these participants will not receive any points and are charged a higher fee to help defer the costs of tour administration.

Tour Rules 

Entries are due at 5 p.m., two days prior to an event. Late entries will be accepted with a $15 late fee penalty added until 9 p.m. that same evening. After 9 p.m., no more players will be added to the tournaments. Players seeking to enter the tournament after this time may request "alternate" status. Therefore, if a player withdraws from the tournament, an "alternate" will be permitted to enter the tournament in that players slotted time. Alternates who get into the tournament must also pay the $15 late fee if they are added. Absolutely no tee time/pairing requests will be honored for late entrants.


After the event entry deadline, the entry fee is non-refundable. Exceptions may be made in the case of emergency or illness by a petition in writing, within seven(7) days of the completion of a given event, to the QCAT Board of Directors. A decision will be made by the board within 30 days of the receipt of the petition.


If weather shortens a round with no possibility of later completing the round, 9-hole scores will be counted if all participants have completed the same nine holes.


An event is considered complete when the entire field completes 50 percent of the scheduled tournament. If fewer than 18 holes are completed in a tournament, no QCAT points will be awarded. Regular event points will be awarded once 18 holes are completed. In the case of “Major” point events, if all the scheduled rounds are not completed, it will become and will be administered in the same manner as a “standard” point event.


If an entire flight completes either 9 or 18 holes, while other flights do not, those scores will be counted. In that case, the whole field will be locked into their flights for the awarding of points.


Declaring a shortened event “complete,” in the context of declaring a winner and awarding prizes, along with any vouchers or refunds for rounds not played, is at the complete and sole discretion of the host course, PGA Professional and staff. Such decisions have no bearing on the manner in which the QCAT will award points to participants of the shortened event.


All players use the same tees in a given division.  The lone exception is women participating in the open division, who will play from tees playing approximately 5,800 yards. 


At signup, players may request a general starting time, such as “early” or “late” in the tee time block. Players may also request up to three playing partners. An attempt will be made to accommodate these requests, but there is no guarantee that all requests will be met. Those who sign up for events early and those who are tour members are more likely to have their requests accommodated. Again, absolutely no requests will be accommodated for those who sign up after the 5 p.m. deadline.

Pairings for later round(s) of a tournament shall be based on score. Ties will go off as determined by the tournament host. Later rounds of the tournament will normally start with the Senior Flight, followed by higher flights and culminating with the championship flight. 


The Tournament host in consultation with the QCAT Board retains the right to adjust starting times, flight orders or other means in order to provide the championship flight the greatest opportunity to complete their round on the second or third day of a tournament.


All USGA rules will be enforced in all events; Use of rangefinders is allowed, consistent with Rule 14-4.

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